Over the last decade, contemporary A Cappella has evolved at an exponential rate, gaining immense mainstream popularity with the advent of the TV show Glee, motion picture franchise Pitch Perfect, and iconic Grammy award-winning A Cappella group, Pentatonix. The growth has spread to the South Asian collegiate community, where hundreds of new A Cappella groups of a unique genre have emerged in recent years.

The South Asian A Cappella genre was pioneered by Penn Masala, an all-male group founded in 1996 at the University of Pennsylvania. Now, there are over 200 groups nationwide and 5 established national competitions, with more on the way. The style establishes its unique identity by incorporating influences from both Eastern and Western cultures, carefully fusing the two in each performance piece. Everything from the languages to the choreography to the minute vocal inflections and techniques reminiscent of the traditional styles of music from the Indian subcontinent are woven together with western music that shares not just the same rhythm, but also theme. Each "mashup" is therefore musically cohesive and paints a story, whether it's of love, heartbreak or any other sentiment in a broad range of emotion. The genre is unlike any other.